Format: Episodic Visual Novel

Genre: Survival, Drama, Comedy, Mystery, Fantasy. Strategy

Duration: 15-20 hours

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android

Languages: English, Spanish

Estimated Release Date: 2020

Developer: Keinart Lobre


We begin in the capital of the kingdom - the desolate city of Maya.


Humanity has all but vanished. What few survivors remain inherit nothing but silence and a world full of unanswered questions. Inside a grand castle at the very center of the capital, a few survivors are thrust into a mysterious game reserved for the last of the living, in which they play for their very lives. You are one of these last few; you know that you must band together to stay alive.

The city is deserted, and its streets echo with dust. Still, you know that you must persevere. Although the world appears to have come to a halt, there is still too much to do:


  • Develop relationships with the other residents of the castle. At times like these social relationships are key, and who knows, you may be able to remember something about yourself too.

  • Search for answers. Everything happens for a reason, and there is a shadow upon Maya that you cannot seem to shake. What secrets remain unearthed when there’s nobody left to hide it?

  • Become stronger. Learn magic or practice swordplay; the future is a mysterious and dangerous place, made even more so by the game you are trapped in.

  • Or forget it all and enjoy the ride. Can one person really stop the world from ending? You might as well let it go. Take it easy, smile and laugh in the days you have left.


So pass the days at the castle, you can do as you wish but follow your heart. There’s not enough time to regret anything, not enough at all.

For only one will survive.

A slice of life visual novel
at the end of the world





Lotus Reverie is a visual novel focused on time management, following in the footsteps of other games, such as Devil Survivor and Persona. Within a limited amount of time, you will forge bonds with other survivors, uncover the mysteries of this world hides in this survival game where only one pair will remain.

A cheerful slice of life... until the world ends.


One day the Incident suddenly occurred, causing almost all the citizens to vanish by unknown means. Among the chaos, two great changes came crashing down on their lives:

First, tulpas came to existence. These beings look and act just like any person, however, they are born through the subconscious mind of another human called the host, and their lives are linked in several different ways:

  • Even though tulpas look human, they cannot die by normal means, but, in exchange, their lifespans are very limited.

  • If the human host dies, the tulpa will also die, and vice versa. For this very reason, they are forced to cooperate with each other if they want to stay alive.

  • The only way to extend their lifespans is by fighting and killing another tulpa and their host in a duel. This is the only moment where a tulpa loses its immortality and becomes vulnerable.


Second, in the city's center, a huge monolith appeared that towers up as far as the eye can see. Inscribed in the monolith are six rules, making clear just one thing:

Only one human and their tulpa will survive.


This story's protagonist is Cinque, a girl with no memories who appeared one night in front of the castle. Barricaded inside is an alliance of survivors who help each other from any external dangers.

As the newest member in the castle, Cinque will start her own particular daily life, trying to find out more about the Incident, her castle companions, as well as about her own life and memories, many of which manifest as strong hallucinations that blur the line between fantasy and reality.


Cinque will be able to decide what to do at all times while enjoying the happy and calm life in the castle, but she must be careful: no matter how peaceful everything may seem, it all can be destroyed at any moment.

Prepare for what is to come while trying to remember who you are.



Cinque will decide which scenes to play. She can play Main Scenes to advance the story, play Secondary Scenes to get to know the other characters better, explore to find out more about the world, or train or study to increase the number of skills or spells she can use in battle.

Your actions and decisions will allow you to recover your memories as you progress, unlocking new battle styles and spells as well, as well as uncovering the lore and mysteries surrounding The Incident. But be careful, as time passes, the tension at the castle will rise up, and it is game over if it gets too high. Try to recover as many memories and get to know as many of the other characters as possible within a limited amount of time.

There will be times where you are forced to fight, though, and you will have three different ways to experience it.

  • Novel mode: for those who only want to enjoy the story. Read the battle and do not worry about training or studying to improve your abilities.

  • Battle mode: for those who prefer to defend themselves. Enjoy the new Parallel Strategy System minigame and make sure you train and study diligently to stay sharp.

  • Mixed mode: for those who want to experience everything. You will play the battles, and after winning, also read them.

The new Parallel Strategy System is a turn-based strategy battle minigame where turns happen at the same time. Both you and the enemy AI will choose your turns beforehand and then, once you are ready, your units will move by themselves following your previous plan. Plan ahead and try to guess your enemy's behavior, the story contains all the hints you need to succeed in battle and survive another day.



What is the novel's original language?

The game's original language is Spanish from Spain. The English translation is written by the author himself and revised by native speakers. Japanese and Russian translations are on the way too!

How is this an episodic novel?

Lotus Reverie is a series of novels divided by episodes called “nexus”, with Lotus Reverie ~ First Nexus being the first. Depending on the support of the project, more novels will be developed until the completion of the series. Please keep in mind that each nexus is a complete novel from the beginning to the end and has its own self-contained plot. You do not need other nexuses to understand or complete it. Following nexuses will answer and resolve some points related to the game world, but all the answers you need are already in the first nexus.

What is the novel's age range?

This novel does not contain any adult, sexual, implicit violence or gore content, but it does contain battles, blood, suffering, narrated violence, and some optional images with small sexual innuendos (fanservice). The novel also addresses some complex and dark themes, such as suicide or death. This novel is recommended mostly for adults or teenagers. Do not forget, however, that most of this novel is a comedy, filled with happy and amusing moments.

Will this novel have any future DLC?

No. This novel is complete by itself. The only extra content that will be sold are the OST and artbook.



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